Saturday, October 27, 2007

Adjusting Adjusting

My dear, sweet Uncle Hal took me in to Spanaway, and sent me back out again to Seattle on Wednesday morning. He picked me up at the airport after one of the clearest days I’ve ever seen along the west coast. Seriously, you could see all of the San Francisco Bay bridges from the plane! It was phenomenal! For those of you who aren’t familiar with San Francisco weather, IT’S ALWAYS FOGGY. The flight from San Francisco to Seattle was beautiful the entire way. However, I missed a lot of it because I was busy relishing in the fact that I was coming home with Ben, the person on my right. He and his wife had lived in the Czech Republic ten years ago. He acted like it was special to be the one to share this moment with me. “I feel so lucky to live vicariously through you right now,” he said. “OK, what do you want to eat most when you get back to Seattle?”

That was when I first realized “yeah! I’m coming home!” I survived the past year abroad. And there’s something about coming home that makes me realize how human I am. I just got back from Siberia, the Gobi Dessert, the Arctic Circle, but I feel the same way that I felt after the first day of kindergarten. I’m home!

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