Sunday, December 16, 2007

Thankful in Fernley

Fernley, Nevada is one of my prime Thanksgiving spots, I recently discovered. Uncle Danny and Aunt Kim moved there a few years ago and this was the first time that I've managed to visit. It's a small town without a whole lot of population. My cousin Lisa enjoys traveling through the Sierras to play in her soccer games (yes! Good job Lisa!) I'm hoping to convince her to move to Seattle for college. Then she can play in Co-rec. That'd be fun!
I flew to Fernley via Mt. Rainier. Check it out! Twas a gorgeous day!

As we looked down at the baren Nevada desert landscape, I had the great pleasure of listening to this: "People say there's overpopulation," a woman behind me proclaimed, "but there's not," she was very matter of fact. "Because, I mean, just look at Nevada. It's totally empty. There ain't no people here." I was slightly irritated at her presence. But I was stuck with her, given the airplane situation. It certainly wasn't worth intervening. Just when I was about to get back to my Harry Potter book, she decided to continue. "I mean you could just take all those people in China, and put 'um right here in Nevada!"

God bless America! It's not every country where people say things like that!

Anyway, back to Fernley: We enjoyed a mean game of... of... this game that's kind of like Taboo and Pictionary, but you don't have to buy it. You just make it up yourself. I will not make up a name like Tabictionary or Pictionoo.

Believe it or not, Fernley is not the only place in the area. Virginia City took us in for the afternoon. It showed us its Cowboys, its gambling, its unexplained love of Mark Twain, and a memorable fire drill in the local theater... It was a just a fire drill. It wasn't a security alarm that went off because my family was having an impromptu talent show on the main stage that we thought was not in use. Soooo, no worries there. Just a fire alarm!

This is Robin hanging out with a statue of Mark Twain (the aforementioned love). She's HOT!

Tahoe also allowed us to enter... even after our talent show episode in Virginia City. They hadn't blacklisted us, at least not yet. We didn't actually enter the lake, for fear of freezing our little booties off, but we did walk around and check it out a little bit. And we ate burgers and garlic garlic garlic fries. They were good. I love garlic. And, while we alienated the rest of the world with our powerful breath, we had each other man. We were in it together. My family is there when I need them!

These are the Perrymans. I love them very much. I realize this is not a very good picture of the Perrymans, but it my only picture with all four of them. In fact, this, my friends is my only picture of Cheryl in my entire photo collection from Thanksgiving. Note to Cheryl Perryman: hang out with us for longer! Maybe next year I'll include your entire face in a photo, instead of only two-thirds of it!
We all had a GREAT time in Fernley! Even Robin thought so! Countless thanks to Kim, Dan, Cheryl, and Lisa for hosting us all and throwing a rockin' Thanksgiving party!

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