Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Portugal: Aveiro and Porto

Ali and Leasa are good friends from Tampere. They're in an Erasmus Mundis program that moved to Portugal for Fall semester. I took advantage of their nomadic lifestyle and visited them in Aveiro. We had fun fun fun! The food was good and the wine was cheap. After living in Finland, I was continually surprised at how cheap everything was. One morning I went out to buy bread for breakfast. My Portuguese is pretty... negligible so I kind ended up buying a whole lot of types of bread. I had two grocery bags full. How much did it cost? Three euros! It didn't even matter that I don't speak Portuguese. I got to try a bunch of breads!Lots of buildings have very colorful painted tile patterns like this:
These are some shots around Aveiro:
This is Porto. I loved it there!

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